Construction reinforcement

zbrojenia budowlane

Construction reinforcement – steel prefabrication

As part of its activity NYSTAL S.A. also deals with the sale of construction reinforcement.

We build reinforcements based on long-term cooperation with carefully selected production plants, whose technological lines have been equipped with modern, computer-controlled reinforcement machines enabling the production of all kinds of reinforcement prefabricated elements in the full range of diameters of ribbed steel (rods and coils). The current production capacity of the reinforcement plant is approximately 5,000 tonnes per month.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we comprehensively service both large and smaller construction objects, taking into account your individual needs. On the basis of construction drawings, we prepare reinforcements consisting of straight rods, bent bars and reinforcing stirrups made of ribbed steel in grades: B500SP/B500B/B500A (AIIIN class) and diameter range: from Φ 6 mm to Φ 32 mm. Finished reinforcements are made of the highest quality steel from Polish and foreign smelters. They have appropriate certificates and approvals.

We have the necessary knowledge and experienced staff, which will realize every order in accordance with the documentation you provide.

Example projects:

  1. Expansion of the Glassworks in Orzesze (1000 tons).
  2. Prefabricated reinforcements with assembly for the construction of office building D in Krakow at Czerwone Maki Street (1200 tons).
  3. Reinforcements and assembly for the construction of the PARK CLUB commercial and office building at 3 Maja Street in Krakow (1500 tons).
  4. Reinforcements and assembly for construction of a multi-family residential building „Kamienica Notos” in Krakow at Wrocławska Street (670 tons).
  5. Reinforcements and assembly for the construction of an office building at Irysowa Street in Wrocław – Bielany Wrocławskie (1100 tons).
  6. Prefabricated reinforcements for the construction of a complex of multi- family buildings with underground services and garages (…) in Krakow, Żniwna/Górników Streets (700 tons).
  7. Prefabricated reinforcements for the extension of hotel Bania in Białka Tatrzańska (800 tons).
  8. Prefabricated steel for the construction Falistej i Opakowań EUROBOX Polska Sp. z Inwestycyjna/Klonowa Streets (400 tons).
  9. Prefabricated steel for the construction of LG CHEM factory in Kobierzyce (1000 tons).
  10. Prefabricated reinforcements for the construction of swimming pools at Hallera Street (200 tons) and at Kościuszki Street in Katowice (200 tons).
  11. Prefabricated reinforcements for the construction of an administration and office building – module No. 4, belonging to the GPP office buildings complex at Konduktorska Street in Katowice (560 tons). Investor: GPP Business Park S.A., 40-155 Katowice, 39 A Konduktorska Street
  12. Prefabricated reinforcements for the expansion of DK81 from the motorway junction (A4–DK86) to the built junction at Armii Krajowej Street. Expansion of DK81 on the section of Kościuszki Street and construction of the junction at Armii Krajowej Street in Katowice – STAGE IV (1200 tons).
  13. Prefabricated reinforcements for the construction of residential buildings „NOWE PTASIE” in multi-family buildings, with a built-in service part, with underground parking, parking spaces, technical infrastructure and land development, Katowice, Meteorologów Street, – stage I, building A, B, C, D (850 tons).

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