Company History
Company registration and commencement of cooperation with companies from the steel, mining and construction industries
Trade of metallurgical products as a foundation of the Company
Relocation of the Company and opening of the central warehouse in Katowice
Extension of the Company’s offer for the supply of steel constructions and construction reinforcements
Establishment of a pipe department by incorporation of a long-term distributor Rurex/SLF in the structure of NYSTAL
Launching regional branches together with warehouse facilities

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NYSTAL S.A. is a leading distributor of steel in Poland. We offer a wide range of metallurgical products available directly from our warehouses located in Katowice, Tarnowskie Góry, Pszczyna, Opole and Kielce. Constant cooperation with steel services enables us to make burnout elements and cut sheet coils. Our permanent offer includes all steel materials such as: sheets, profiles, pipes, rods, wire mesh and construction reinforcement.

At special customer’s request, we execute orders for cutting metal sheets for every possible dimension.

Central Office in Katowice
14 Konduktorska Street
40-155 Katowice
tel. 32 355 98 30
fax. 32 258 70 97
mobile: 693 375 835